Week of October 8:

Hello middle school students and families:

  • There are some unit exams coming up in grades 6-8 during the next two weeks: the 7th graders on Tuesday, October 9, the 8th graders on Thursday October 11, and the 6th graders on Tuesday, October 16. Hopefully, everyone has already begun to prepare for these exams.
  • The Jog a Thon was very successful this year; thank you to all who contributed.
  • Parent-teacher conferences are coming up soon; look for an email that contains a link to sign up. I need to meet with everyone in my home room, but, given the fact that I have 162 students, if your child is not in my home room, please sign up for a conference with me only if you have concerns. (Yes, the previous sentence is grammatically correct…)
  • Parents, please make a point of checking PowerSchool at least once a week.  Most students are in good shape, but some are having trouble submitting everything on time…

Have a great week,

Sven Tice