Week of October 31

Dear middle school students and families:

Happy Halloween/All Saints’ Day! Here are announcements for this week:

  • Thank you for attending conferences; all of them seem to go well.
  • State of the School addresses will be held next weekend during masses: 5:00 on Saturday and 8:30/10:30 on Sunday. Families are asked to attend one of these.
  • 7th and 8th graders, your proposals for your science fair projects are due this week.
  • 6th graders continue to learn about viruses and bacteria this week.
  • 7th graders are using mathematical models to describe the motion of falling objects.
  • 8th graders wrap up their study of the periodic table of the elements, and will begin to learn about chemical bonds/molecules.
  • In algebra, we’re reviewing compound inequalities, and will end the week with an introduction of exponential expressions.
  • Students, some of you will have acquired a significant stash of candy this week. Let’s exercise good judgement about when it’s eaten and how much.

Have a safe Halloween week,

Sven Tice