Week of March 19, 2018

Dear 8th graders, be sure you have answers to these questions:

Review questions on the EMS:

1.List the waves of the EMS, in order from longest to shortest waves.

2.What is the speed of light?

3.Which wavelength of visible light is the fastest?

4.When you look at a blue shirt, why does it look blue?

5.How are EM waves different from other (mechanical) waves?

6.Which parts of the EMS is visible to humans?

7.List four ways that EM waves can be described (e.g., wavelength, etc.)

8.If a microwave has a wavelength of 0.1m, what is its frequency?

9.If you increase the wavelength of an EM wave, what happens to its speed? What happens to its frequency?

10.How are particles of light created?

11.Explain how fluorescent lamps produce light.

12.Yesterday, you learned that mirrors do not reflect all the light that hits them. What happens to the “missing” light?

13.Why do red apples look red to us? (Describe in terms of the EMS.)

14.If you place a green plant under a red light, what color will it appear to be?