Week of January 1, 2018:

Happy New Year!

  • 8th graders, don’t forget that your research paper is due on Friday, January 12.
  • 7th graders, I have received several emails from students about the research paper over the Christmas break. These emails lead me to believe that many of you are, surprisingly, completely at a loss over how to write a longer essay of any kind, let alone a research paper. Because of these concerns, I’ve postponed the due date for this paper until Friday, January 19. Expect me to revisit this assignment a couple of times more this week.
  • 6th graders will continue to work on the layers of the earth this week; we’ll also start to learn about the theory of plate tectonics.
  • 8th grade zero period algebra students have a test on factoring on Tuesday, January 9.

Welcome back,

Sven Tice