March 31, 2020

Good morning:

I hope you’re hanging in there! Here’s what up today in science and algebra:

6th Science: Please continue to work on marine biomes today. (See teams for the assignment details.)

7th science: By now, you should have read the articles on some people’s objections to evolution, and should be working on your paragraph. Please submit it via Teams by tomorrow at 3:00.

8th Science: Please work on your mitosis story board. It does not need to be in color, but it should include captions and/or labels.

Algebra I: Work on the worksheet on multiplying and dividing rational expressions.

Algebra students, I made a mistake when I scheduled our check-in yesterday: I inadvertently scheduled it for every day of the week from now until the end of time; I only intended it to be for that day. (We will need to meet once or twice a week, though. I’ll “invite” you when I think this needs to happen.)