March 30, 2020

Good morning, middle school students:

Welcome to week 3 of distance learning. Here’s what we’re doing today:

6th graders:

  1. Everyone needs to take notes on Marine biomes,  and respond to questions. See Teams for details.
  2.  Some of you need edit or revise your biome book projects. Do not be discouraged if you are one of these students. Revision and editing are normal parts of the writing process. There’s no serious rush to complete this, but I think you’ll be a lot happier if you do this within the next two weeks.

7th graders:

  1. Read the selections about why some people reject evolution, and summarize their arguments, as well as the scientific responses to these arguments. See Teams for details.

8th graders:

Algebra I:

  1. Remember that we have a required video chat scheduled for 12:00 today. We will be discussing how to multiply/simplify rational expressions. Please make every effort to be there.
  2. Worksheet 12.3 is due at 3:00 PM.
  3. Additional practice on multiplying rational expressions is due on April 1.


  1. The review of cell energy processes is due at 3:00.
  2. Take notes on mitosis (cell division), and do the mitosis story board by April 1. See Teams for details.