March 27, 2020

Hello middle school students:

Welcome to Ketchup Day! There are no new assignments today; you have all day today to, you know, catch up!


6th graders:

1.) Be sure you’ve turned in your Biome Books. Some students may need to revise them after they’ve been submitted. It’s a big, complex project, and we weren’t together when you were working, so we’ll need to revise at a distance, on a longer time scale. Do not be concerned if you need to revise; this is totally normal.

7th graders:

1.) If you haven’t already done these things, submit your evidence for evolution slide show, and the prompts that go along with the natural selection simulation.

2.) I encourage all of you to attend an occasional inquiry project presentation. When you’re there, participate in the conversation. If you’re kind of lurking but not asking any questions or making any comments, it’s kind of pointless. And very uncomfortable.

3.) Please check Teams for communication from me, every day.

8th graders:

Algebra I:

1.) Please complete worksheet 12.3 by Monday.

2.) I think we should meet on a live Teams meeting, as a class. I’m getting very worried about our progress, or rather, our lack thereof.  Please plan on meeting with me at 12:00 on Monday. This is like going to a class; you are required to attend.


1.) Please submit your cell energy processes “quiz” by Monday. (I’d just do it today if I were you.)

I’m missing you. When we’re together again in a classroom, and you’re totally annoying me by constantly talking and not listening, I will remember this time, and be less annoyed and love you more.

Stay safe,