Thursday, September 20: 

Algebra I: d = rt word problems workhseet #2

6th Grade science: Metric unit conversions #2

7th Grade science: Density calculations review. Link is here: Density calculations

8th grade science: Consent form for video lessons

Monday, September 17:

Algebra I: p. 162-164 #1-14 all, 27

6th Grade Science: Complete metric system worksheet

7th Grade Science: Notes on scientific method (Science processes, slides 28, 30-32, 35)

8th Grade Science: Read and take notes on this article on scientific models:

Scientific Modeling Reading

Friday, September 14: 

Algebra I: Complete as many  of the Math Counts problems as you reasonably can.

6th Grade Science: None

7th Grade Science: None

8th Grade Science: None

Thursday, September 13: 

Algebra I: Literal equations worksheet #2

6th grade science: Study for the checkpoint quiz. Be sure you are familiar with what science is and what scientists do (science practices)

7th and 8th grade science: Study for the checkpoint quiz. be sure you are familiar with science practices, the difference between science and engineering, scientific models, and the nature of scientific thinking.

Wednesday, September 12:

Algebra I: Literal equations practice problems

6th Grade Science: Write examples of science and engineering practices

7th Grade Science: Complete this evaluation of scientific and unscientific thought:

Scientific vs unscientific thought

8th Science: You are on retreat today. No new science homework.

Tuesday, September 11:

Algebra I: Worksheet 3.4 (Ratios and proportions)

6th Grade science: Complete the reflections about what science is.

7th grade science: You have the day off! (None)

8th grade science: Complete this evaluation of scientific vs. unscientific thought: (Respond on loose leaf)

Scientific vs unscientific thought

Monday, September 10:

Algebra I: p. 136-137 #2-32 even (Single-variable equations)

6th Grade Science: Watch this video about the nature of science:

Intro to the history of science

Then, in your science notebooks, list five observations about the nature of science that are discussed in the video.

7th and 8th Grade Science: Read and take notes on this article on the nature of science:

What is Science?

In class on Tuesday, be prepared to list the major characteristics of scientific thought, and how scientific thought can be different from other ways of thinking.

Don’t do the worksheet at the end. 


Friday, September 7: 

Algebra I: Complete Math Counts worksheet (try to do as many as you are able to figure out)

6th Grade Science: Complete your drawing of what you think scientists do.

7th Grade and 8th grade Science: Take notes on science and engineering practices:

Science and Engineering Practices briefly explained  (Just write the general descriptions listed here; don’t click on the links, or you’ll wind up reading detailed rubrics for grades 1-12.)


Thursday, September 6: 

Algebra I: Order of operations worksheet

6th Science: Nothing

7th and 8th Science: 1. Complete introduction to engineering and science in the HMH online textbook (stop after the questions about the bucket problem);

2. Watch this video on what engineers do:

What do engineers do?