Tuesday, September 24:

Algebra I: p. 184 #13-25 all, 32

6th grade science: None

7th grade science: None

8th grade science: Keep studying for the exam on Oct. 8

Monday, September 23: 

Algebra I: p. 171 #2-38 even

6th grade science: hypothesis writing practice

7th grade science: None

8th grade science: begin reviewing for the exam on October 8

Tuesday, September 17:

Algebra I: d =rt problems #2

6th grade science: none

7th grade science: none

8th grade science: conduct research for your modeling project

Thursday, September 12: 

Algebra I: p. 162-163 #1-12 all

6th grade science: study for checkpoint quiz on the nature of science

7th grade science: Respond to prompts from three science and engineering practices

8th grade science: Read/take notes on scientific models article, and respond to prompts

Tuesday, September 10: 

Algebra I: p. 145-146

6th grade science: Review metric system by Friday

7th grade science: Review nature of science for quiz on Friday

8th grade science: Enjoy your retreat!

Monday, September 9:

Algebra I: p. 12-13 #1-6, 15-20, 29-34

6th grade Science: “What is Science?”

7th grade science:

Tice: CONPTT worksheet

Rzegocki: Notes on slides 11-16 (CONPTT)

8th grade science: None

Friday, September 6:

Algebra I: None

6th grade science: drawing of a scientist. Include a color background. Along with the drawing, include a 1-sentence description of what the scientist is doing, and a definition, in your own words, of what science is.

LO: Describe the nature of science

SLE: Articulate ideas clearly and creatively

7th grade science: none

8th grade science: CONPTT review

Wednesday, September 4:

Algebra I: Bring a pencil, notebook, loose leaf paper and a calculator with you to class. Please be in class by 7:40 AM.

7th Grade Science: Read the middle school handbook shown here. You should be familiar with its contents by Monday.

Middle School Handbook