Algebra I Information

Overview of Algebra I

Mr. Tice

Here are the major mathematical concepts you will learn this year:
  • Interpret the structure of algebraic expressions
  • Write equations in equivalent form to solve problems
  • Perform arithmetic operations on polynomials
  • Rewrite rational expressions
  • Create equations that describe numbers or relationships
  • Explain the reasoning involved in solving equations
  • Solve equations and inequalities that have one variable
  • Solve systems of equations (simultaneous equations)
  • Represent and solve equations and inequalities graphically
  • Write and use function notation
  • Explain the relationships between variables represented by functions
  • Read and analyze functions written in different forms
  • Create functions that model the relationship between variables
  • Create new functions from existing functions
  • Construct and compare linear, quadratic and exponential models and use them to solve problems


In addition to the concepts you will learn, you will also develop these mathematical skills/practices:

  • Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them
  • Reason abstractly and quantitatively
  • Construct viable arguments when solving a problem
  • Model situations with mathematics
  • Use appropriate mathematical tools strategically
  • Be accurate in your work (attend to precision)
  • Look for and make use of patterns





Your final trimester grades are calculated using the St. John School grading scale:


A: 90-100%

B: 80-89%

C: 70-79%

D: 60-69%

F: <60%


Your work will be awarded points based on the difficulty and relative importance of the assignment:

  • Daily assignments: 0.5 point
  • Weekly checkpoint quizzes: 5 points
  • Mid-unit quizzes: 10-20 points
  • End-of-unit assessments: 100 points
  • Summative projects: depends on the project


If you turn in an assignment and it does not look like you understand the concepts, or even if you just didn’t show me how you solved the problems, I will return it to you and ask you to do it again.


Your grades will be posted on Power School in a timely manner.


Your final grade is calculated by dividing the number of points you have earned by the number of points possible in a trimester.

You will take a checkpoint quiz every Thursday, to see how well you’ve learned the ideas we discussed that week. If you score 4/5 or better on a given quiz, I will assume that you’ve mastered the material that week. If you score less than a 4/5 on the quiz, I strongly encourage you to see me outside of class for additional help.