June 1, 2020

Hello St. Johnnies:

Thank you for your many kind notes last week.

This is a catch-up week for everyone; if you have any remaining missing assignments, please submit them to me by Thursday, June 4. If you took a test last week (6th and 8th graders, mostly), grades will be posted within a few days.

If you are totally caught up and are feeling intellectually curious, please consider the following:

6th grade science: Climate vs weather

7th grade science: The engineering design process

8th grade science: Genetic engineering will change life as we know it

Have a nice day,



May 26, 2020

Good morning, St. Johnnies:

I will be unavailable today. For tomorrow, Wednesday, May 27, please keep the following in mind:

6th graders: Please meet with me (both classes) at 11:15 on Wednesday, to review for the environmental science test.

8th graders: Please meet with me (both classes) at 12:00 on Wednesday, to review for the cell biology/heredity test.

7th graders: You are finished working on new assignments for the year. Please use this week to catch up on missing work.

Have a nice day and see you soon,


May 22, 2020

Good morning St. Johnnies:

Thank you for your continued patience and kind words as I spend time with my family as we remember my father. For the next few days, please make up as many missing assignments as possible, and also take care of these things:

6th grade: turn in your forest food web, if you haven’t yet, and complete your environmental study guide by Wednesday. I’d like to meet with both classes on Wednesday. We’ll postpone the test until Thursday for everyone, including Mrs. Brumback’s class.

7th grade: Please finish the HMH assignment on defining engineering problems by tomorrow (Friday).

8th grade science:  We will review on Thursday next week. (I will be unavailable on Tuesday.)  The cell biology test will be posted the same day. Please submit it as soon as you are finished with it. The test will be the last assignment in science this year.

8th grade algebra 1:  The geometry quiz has been canceled. The due date for the  homework on triangle proofs is  postponed until Wednesday. (I’ve graded those that have been turned in.) After you’ve submitted this assignment, you are finished with math for this year. I’ve enjoyed working on algebra with you, and will miss you.

Have a great long weekend, and see you all next week,



May 20, 2020

Hello St. Johnnies:

The 7th graders are organizing a fundraiser for the Unbound program that helps children and elderly people in many countries around the world. You can see details here:

Unbound Fundraiser

I currently have a situation in my personal life that makes it impossible for me to deliver instruction right now. Please work on whatever assignments you’re missing, and, if you’re so inclined,  pray for me and my family.

Thank you,


May 19, 2020

Hello St. Johnnies!

Here’s what going on today:

6th grade: Mrs. Sullivan’s class meets with me today at 9:00. Don’t forget that you have an environmental science test next week.

7th grade: You’re off today. An HMH introductory assignment on engineering design is due tomorrow at 3:00.

8th grade science: Please meet with me on Teams at 9:45 (Mansfield) or 10:30 (Thomas). Have your notes ready.

Have a nice day,