March 24, 2020

Good morning middle school students! Here’s what I need from you today:

6th graders: Keep working on your biome books. Be sure to look at the rubric in the assignments tab in Teams.

7th graders: Finish your evidence for evolution slide show by 3:00 tomorrow.

8th grade algebra I: Watch the video I posted on Teams, on multiplying and dividing rational expressions, and do p. 679 #2-28 even.

8th grade science: Do the simple experiment posted on Teams.

Have a great stay-at-home day…


March 23, 2020

Hello middle school students:

Welcome to week 2 of virtual school. Here are a few things to keep in mind for today and the rest of this week:

  1. You have a lot of work every day, and, for some, it might seem overwhelming. But remember that when you physically come to school, you’re here for 6-7 hours, then you go home and work for another hour or so. You’ve always had a lot to do…
  2. Break your work down by subject. You have all day; you don’t have to do everything in two hours.
  3. Be patient with your teachers, parents, and yourselves. This is a difficult situation, but it will be bearable if we all remember to cut each other, and ourselves, some slack.

Speaking of slack, here’s what I need from you today:

6th graders: Work on your biome books today; they are due on Thursday. See Teams for details.

7th graders: Work on your evidence for evolution slides; they’re due on Wednesday. See Teams for more information.

8th grade algebra I: Worksheet 12.2 is due tomorrow (Tuesday). If you plan to retake the radical expressions test, please meet with me at 12:00  today on Teams.

8th grade science: Watch a slide show on osmosis, and write a paragraph about how it works in cells. See Teams for details.

Have a great day, everyone. Stay safe. Here’s this week’s installment of ENN, brought to you by St. John administration:



March 20, 2020

Hello middle school students! I hope you’ve managed to find a new routine in the midst of this very difficult situation.  It’s been a challenging, stressful week, and I’m looking forward to a weekend; I’m sure you are, too. But first let’s do a little more work:

Before we start, please remember that, from now on, work will be assigned, and should be submitted to me, via the Teams app. I think it’s easier for everyone if everything can be found in one place. (Also, I can’t sustain having 160 emails being sent to me every day.)

6th Grade:

  1. Work on your biome projects; be sure to look at the rubric on Teams before you get too far into the assignment. I’ve also posted an example so you can see the level of work I’m expecting.

7th Grade: 

  1. Turn in your paragraph on whale evolution. If you know how, please turn it in to Teams.
  2. Create a slide show about the evidence for evolution. Details about this assignment can be found on Teams. It’s due on Wednesday, March 25.

8th Grade:

Algebra I:

  1. Turn in the worksheet on Simplifying rational expressions; please submit your work to Teams if you can.
  2. Start worksheet 12.2, which can be found on Teams.
  3. I am hosting a live algbra meeting (on Teams) about rational expressions at 12:00 today; you’re invited if you’re having trouble with these.


  1. Turn in the photosynthesis virtual lab
  2. Take the checkpoint quiz on cell structure, which, once again, can be found on Teams.

Have a nice weekend, everyone. I miss you all. Stay safe.


March 19, 2020:

Hello Middle School Students:

I hope you’re all doing well. Enjoy the sunshine, but do some school work first!

Starting today, in addition to being posted here, your daily assignments will be be posted on Microsoft Teams, which is included in your St. John 365 account. This will hopefully make it easy for all of us to stay on top of our work and communicate a little better, and make it easier for you to turn things in.

Here’s what I need from you today:

6th grade:

You’re starting a biome slide show project today. You can learn more here:

Biome Book Project 2020

There is a video describing the project posted to Teams; check your 6th grade science team assignments tab.

7th grade: 

Please continue to work on your paragraph on evidence of whale evolution. I’ve posted a short video about evidence on Teams if you’re feeling a little lost, or if you just want to see another awkward Tice monologue.

8th grade:

Algebra I: Do the worksheet on rational expressions that I’ve posted on Teams. Also, I’ll be hosting a live video help session at 12:00 tomorrow, Friday, March 20, for those of you that would like to talk these out. You’re encouraged to attend if you’re a little mystified about how to solve rational equations.

Science: Do the virtual lab on photosynthesis that I’ve posted to Teams. You will need to submit a full lab report for this: problem, hypothesis, variables, procedure, observations (qualitative) and 5-sentence conclusion. This is due on Friday, March 20 (tomorrow).


March 18, 2020

Hello middle school students! Thank you for digging in and creating good work in a very difficult situation.

 Here’s what I need from you today:

6th grade:

  1. Read this, and take notes if you need to:

Even more stuff about biomes

2. Use what you read in #1 to complete this table:

Biome table 2


7th Grade: 

  1. Watch this video:

Evidence for evolution

2. Write a 5-7 sentence paragraph that describes the evidence for evolution as it relates to whales. Include evidence from morphology, biogeography, paleontology, and genetics.

LO: Describe the evidence for the evolution of a subset of species

SLE: Think critically and interdependently

This is not going to be that easy, especially since I’m asking you to reason things out essentially on your own. You have until Friday to complete this. I will post a video on Thursday morning where I will discuss the video, in case you need it.

8th grade:

Algebra I:

Watch this video, take notes, and do p. 674 #2-34 even.  In the video, I asked you to do p. 679. This is a mistake. Do p. 674, not p. 679.

Simplifying rational expressions


Watch this video and take notes. It’s on diffusion/osmosis, photosynthesis, and cellular respiration. Don’t forget you have a checkpoint quiz on Friday.

Energy and cells