Week of October 31

Dear middle school students and families:

Happy Halloween/All Saints’ Day! Here are announcements for this week:

  • Thank you for attending conferences; all of them seem to go well.
  • State of the School addresses will be held next weekend during masses: 5:00 on Saturday and 8:30/10:30 on Sunday. Families are asked to attend one of these.
  • 7th and 8th graders, your proposals for your science fair projects are due this week.
  • 6th graders continue to learn about viruses and bacteria this week.
  • 7th graders are using mathematical models to describe the motion of falling objects.
  • 8th graders wrap up their study of the periodic table of the elements, and will begin to learn about chemical bonds/molecules.
  • In algebra, we’re reviewing compound inequalities, and will end the week with an introduction of exponential expressions.
  • Students, some of you will have acquired a significant stash of candy this week. Let’s exercise good judgement about when it’s eaten and how much.

Have a safe Halloween week,

Sven Tice

Week of October 24, 2016

Thinking critically and solving problems at the Math Games


Dear middle school families and students, here are this week’s announcements:

  • 7th and 8th graders, your proposal for your science fair project is due on Monday, October 31
  • Parent-student-teacher conferences begin on Wednesday, October 26. If you want to meet with me, but haven’t yet signed up, please email me at stice@st-johnschool.org. (My schedule is pretty full, so we may have to meet the following week after school)

I’ll see many of you in the coming days. If not, have a great week.

-Sven Tice

6th Graders, this is for you:

LO: Describe how organisms are classified

SLE: Articulate ideas clearly and effectively

1.Choose an animal or plant, and find out how it’s classified. Then make a Power Point about that organism.


a.Classification groups (kingdom phylum, class, etc.)

b.Information about cell structure, body plan, reproduction, energy needs, and evolution

c.At least one photo of that organism

Your project is due on Monday, October 17.