Week of March 21, 2016:

Hello middle school students and families:

I hope you had an enjoyable Vernal Equinox! Here is the news for this week:

  • 6th graders will continue to learn about interactions in the environment, and to review the making of graphs (we seem to be a little rusty….)
  • 7th graders will wrap up black holes this week, then it’s on to cosmology!
  • 8th graders, your modern physics presentation projects are due on Wednesday, March 22.
  • If you’re in zero period algebra I, you have a test on radical expressions and trigonometric ratios on Thursday, March 24.
  • The science fair is only 2.5 weeks away! I hope you’re pacing yourselves with this project. Also, thank you to those parents who have graciously agreed to be judges for this event!

Have a good Holy Week,

Sven Tice

Week of March14, 2016

Hello middle school students and families. Here are this weeks announcements and reminders:

  • The second trimester ended on Friday of last week. Report cards will go home with students on Thursday, March 17.
  • Monday, March 14 is Pi Day!
  • 6th graders will begin work on their environmental science unit this week.
  • 7th graders continue to learn about black holes.
  • 8th graders are working on a project on special relativity, general relativity and quantum mechanics. It’s officially due on Wednesday, March 16, but I’m guessing we’ll need to extend the deadline for this assignment.
  • Algebra I students have a test on radical expressions on Thursday, March 24.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Sven Tice

Week of March 7, 2016

Dear middle school students and families,

The Second trimester ends on Friday, March 11. If you have any major assignments that still need to be submitted, or if you’d like to re-take a unit exam, these need to be completed by that date (Friday, March 11).

Other news:

  • The 6th graders are winding up their earth science unit this week. The unit exam is scheduled for Friday, March 11. Meanwhile, the salmon are growing rapidly, eating everything in sight, and subsequently, gradually decreasing the pH of their aquarium. They will be headed to Piper’s Creek on April 6.
  • The 7th graders continue to work on the nature of stars this week.
  • The 8th graders will have their exam on wave energy on Wednesday, March 9. (I’m sure they’re totally ready for this one…)
  • 8th grade algebra I students, some of you are struggling with radical expressions. Please do not hesitate to get help from me if you’re one of these students.

Thank you,

Sven Tice